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    Another ebay question since one a night just isn't enough.

    I'll try and keep it brief. Bought an item from ebay, buyer said he'd set a reserve but a glitch in ebay's system had allowed me to purchase for below this. Although most likely not true I humoured him and he refunded my money but then the guy started asking if I would pay more for it and trying to barter with me and stating ebay had claimed responsibility for the glitch. Began to think he was a bit of scammer so told ebay who have said they've taken action (albeit invisibly) and that if he should give me an unpaid notice they'll remove it.

    Today gave the guy negative feedback which he responded to with a not so pleasant e-mail and has now put in a request to cancel the transaction. Assuming his excuse that it was an ebay glitch is true I presume they would refund his fees. So my question is this as I was not the one pulling out of the sale is it all right if I don't accept this request therefore at least he'll be out a bit of money for messing me around? And if I do cancel is it correct that my negative feedback will remain?

    Would have happily walked away from it initially but he got pushy that I should buy it for more than I had bid!



    Whether you agree to cancel or not will make no difference to the feedback you left

    Just decline his cancellation request,he's obviously lying about the glitch

    ebay = scammers paradise

    Original Poster

    Cheers for the replies just thought I should check in case it would negatively impact on me somehow. Have cancelled the request and said that if he believes the fault lies with ebay he should take the matter up with them directly.

    Thanks again,
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