eBay captin america bike


I seen a post made about a guy selling a Captin America Motor Bike.
Cant find it tho.. can some1 post the link?



Ebay item no. 330297400675 Happy days! :thumbsup:



What's with the homo-gay seahorse steps for getting on the bike??

Also, Fred Dibnah built the enginer, is it steam powered?

Brilliant fake/funny/silly auction though, I liked this bit:

"I would strongly advise viewing before buying, preferably in the dark"


A CRF450 for a 10 year old - lmao. Yeah maybe to kill them :O

ha this auction is great.
"If bidding reaches 10k, i will throw in the wheelie bin and my mum too."

and then someone has asked:
Q: any chance of just buying your mum for the night kind regards
A: your a braver man than me, she got a face like a bulldog licking pi*s off a thistle.

Lol, bidding just reached £10,000,000.00 :w00t:
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