eBay Car listing help!

    I have listed a car advert on eBay but when I go to revise the item it keeps coming up with an error regarding 'Date of 1st Registration'.

    I have adhered to its DD/MM/YYYY format i.e. 23/04/1986 but it still keeps throwing up an error.

    I have tried 04/1986 01/1986 etc but it still won't let me go onto the next page so I can save changes. Anybody know how to stop this or do I have to contact eBay toget it fixed?


    Change your browser. Try IE

    I had the same problem when listing a bike. Neither Firefox nor Safari worked.

    Original Poster


    Change your browser. Try IE

    Thanks I will try IE now.

    Original Poster

    No still having the same problems on IE but seems to be running slow too.
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