ebay deals

I see more and more ebay deals on here but they seem limited to the outlets.
my questions are

1 - Is are ebay deals allowed
2 - if so is it just from outlets or power sellers or what.
3 - if it is just outlets is this fair as outlets are forcing good sellers out of ebay
4 - Is it only new items and not reconditioned that is allowed

any info welcome as i have seen a really good deal from a power seller but don't know if its allowed or not
thanks to any that answer


I think it's just 'deals of the day', but you never can be quite sure here, I recently posted a fantastic deal on a Kona Paddy Wagon but had it removed because the website was registered to 'an individual'.

I think the seller has to registered as a business and a limited company. Sole traders / individuals not permitted even if the account has a status of 'Business'

Don't think there is any stopping you from mentioning it in the misc though.
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If they are like argos/tesco/ebuyer/the hut/zavvi. ones like that.

Original Poster

so its size that counts
but there is nothing against the rules to post ebay deals if it is say a power seller is this correct


Ebay daily deals are allowed as are ones from established businesses which are already allowed on HUKD
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