Ebay descriptions - your views please!

Hi everyone,

I've been looking on ebay of late to possibly buy a few things.

What fascinates me is what they put in the description.

In mobile phones, quite a few of the ones I've seen state "This is an unwanted phone as it was given to me as an upgrade, and I can't get used to it (and/or) I prefer my old phone"

Now that very well may be the case, but after seeing many posts on here and MSE saying you are in control when it comes to renewing your contract, so if you keep your old phone, you either get credit, or discounted line rental. So why go through the hassle of putting a phone on ebay that will firstly cost you time and money, and you also run the risk of hassle from the buyer as well as not making as much as you want by selling it when you can gain so much from when you renew your contract?!

Another thing I've been looking at is tickets for gigs. I'm due in London a few times next year with work on courses, and it will just be something to do instead of being stuck in my hotel room or watching films etc.

Now, I personally go to a lot of gigs, so this may just be my way of thinking, but I look forward to each and every one I go to, I count down the days to it, I almost plan my life around them! So I was shocked to see a description state:

"In my mistake, I have double-booked myself and I am going to see the Killers already on this date, so I can no longer make this gig!"

Now the Killers don't really do it for me, but going by the prices that people seemed to be willing to pay for their latest tour on ebay, I am one of the few!

So going by my "high-standards" of going to gigs, I personally find it hard to believe that they forgot they were going to a gig that same day. It is almost like they want you to feel sorry for them!

I also saw things like "I accidentally pressed the "submit order" button twice, and then saw I had twice the amount of tickets I needed, so that's why I'm selling them".

I personally do not believe that for one second. I've seen a few ticket agencies or venue's own box offices' sites say "Please press "submit" once, otherwise you may be charged twice". So if anything, surely they should only be charged twice, not given twice as many tickets!

What does everyone else think? Is it me just being cynical? I do know that it could be possible that they are telling the truth, but I suspect they aren't and are just trying to make out they aren't touts etc when they actually are.

I would much rather ebay return to an auction site, and not have any of the rubbish in the descriptions. You wouldn't have Christies in London sell a Picasso for £1M and have the auctioneer say "The owner actually remembered he had another 4 of the same of these dotted around his £140M mansion, so therefore he only wants an even number of these paintings". The description should describe the item, not how you have come about it! Rant over.........now.



You wouldn't have Christies in London sell a Picasso for £1M and have the … You wouldn't have Christies in London sell a Picasso for £1M and have the auctioneer say "The owner actually remembered he had another 4 of the same of these dotted around his £140M mansion, so therefore he only wants an even number of these paintings". The description should describe the item, not how you have come about it! Rant over.........now.

:w00t: Nice conclusion!! :viking:

i may actually have some tickets for the Killers on 24th Feb available...
cost a little over £30 each, as soon as i find out if im not going they are urs for £30 each. ..
idiot of a mate decided to change the date he's having his 21st birthday *hmph*

btw loved the post mate

[SIZE=2]For me, it's worth more to get a new handset than to get a credit. They offer me, max 5 months on my 12 month deals, which equates to £125 max, and i can upgrade after 9 months anyways with 3 cos i am a loyal customer.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]I can normally get around the £200 mark for a new handset, such as when i sold the terrible (imo) v3x they gave me, so why should i not accept the upgrade and take the punt?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Please don't tar us all the same, i can tell you when all my phone contracts expire and i know what is best for me, before i choose to upgrade.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]What annoys me more, is misleading titles, such as "not wii" and the like, they're banned and if you find one, tell ebay, they'll remove them![/SIZE]

i felt like one of those people when i had to sell my reading tickets because i was in france that was the worst part of selling them on ebay, feeling like one of those people who just want to make money. (i did take the oppertunity to overcharge for the ticket like everyone else did, but less than most people who were selling them that day)

to an extent i dont see the problem with the old fashioned supply and demand theory, if there's no buyer for items with inflated prices then the seller would drop the price, thus if the buyer is willing to pay then is it not up to them, after all it is their money!! i would not pay £350 + for a wii but clearly alot of people would, and if i had one and was offered that much would i take it? probably yes!! but in september i did pay over the odds for concert tickets to see Robbie, and if i had to i would of paid more!

Original Poster


Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I can see your point, and I, like you, always know what I want/what is best for me when I come to upgrade/renew my contract.

My point was it almost seems like they are - dare I say it - "lying". They can say "Brand new in box" and photograph the seals still being intact etc and say "I tried the phone, but didn't like it as much as my old one.". I do understand that they may have tried someone else's phone of the same model etc, but it can seem misleading. I just feel when you bid on an auction, you are obviously entering into a legally binding contract. Some people forget this. And I want to know as much as I possibly can about the item, not necessarily the reason why they are selling it and/or potential lies - such as the "brand new in box" yet they seemed to have used it. I know if you were to cover every possible eventuality to please picky people like me, you'd never actually get to list the item! It's just finding that happy medium!


In my view, tickets are a bit of a different ball game. More often than not, the supply will not satisfy the demand.

Everyone (presale links aside) has the same chance of buying them when they become available. Taking a harsh view of it, but if you couldn't get out of bed in time, who is to blame?! People make out it is only them who couldn't get a ticket. When that just isn't the case! I tried to get tickets for Ricky Gervais in Bristol. And it seems as soon as they went on sale, they had sold out! I was trying on the phone to the venue themselves, 2 ticket agencies on the internet too, and still didn't get any. So I had to take it on the chin, and now he is soon to announce more dates, so I may be lucky in the end!

If people are prepared to pay more than face value, then who should stop them?!

There are some people who list tickets at face value, and end up losing money due to ebay and PayPal fees etc, which I suppose as long as they make the majority of what they paid for them, they will be happy. So I don't blame you for charging a bit less than the going rate. And the thing is, if you did list it at face value, who is to say someone may buy them from you to with the intention of making money on them! So charging more for them, it may ensure someone who wants to go, gets to go.


boydent999, Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.

None taken :-D

Original Poster


None taken :-D

Just checking! I know what I'm like! I don't explain myself very well and just go off on one! :oops:
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