Posted 13th Dec 2022
Hey folks,
looking through eBay and most of the items are showing their estimated deliveries as the 28th of December.
Anyone know why? Is it to stop buyers claiming no shows with items with all the ongoing strikes?
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    because buyers are inpatient and start complaining that the item didn't arrive next day in the middle of strikes. (edited)
    Everyone acts like they have entitlement to prime next day membership status at all retailers!  
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    As a seller, I have 4 cases on the go now. I usually have 4 a year. I've set my listings that I will dispatch in 10 days, even though I will post everyday I am debating to just turn my holiday settings on and forgo what little income I do get off - for a few weeks (thanks Unions!). I cannot be arsed to explain to morons anymore why parcels are taking a lot longer than normal to get to them. Posties seem to have thrown their PDA's in the bin as most parcels are not getting scanned at delivery. I've ditched RM for Evri & Yodel, out of the frying pan..! but not much choice is there unless you pay double.…797

    49036112-RYxEg.jpgIf anyone has the foxes phone number , I need to ask him if he can find and deliver my parcels... (edited)
    This is exactly it. Best to turn on time away from the 16th for 15 days but still accept payments.
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    Makes sense , I’m still waiting for an eBay parcel posted in the U.K. on 1st December, hard to know when to put a claim in as lost at the moment.
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    Yes ordered something Saturday dispatched Monday 24h est Friday.
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    Last posting date for Xmas delivery for Royal Mail 2nd class & Tracked 48 was Monday 12th - dates have been revised because of industrial action.…tes
    Just regular 48 was yesterday. Last day for Tracked 48, First Class and First Class Signed For is Friday 16th, Tracked 24 is Monday 19th and Special Delivery is Wednesday 21st.
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    Yeah you've missed the last posting date for Xmas for royal mail. Evri are also backed up till after Xmas now
    I just ordered something from eBay now paid extra money to receive the item by about the 20th of December,
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    Most of my 1st class stuff is coming within 48 hours, usually next day.
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    Standard procedure without strikes was 10 working days till declared lost, people shouldn't claim for a lost parcel for 14 working days currently.
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    Im still waiting RM from dec 1 post date, useless now.
    Based on my experience, you may receive around 22nd Dec
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    My dad works for Royal Mail , he told me once the mail for next day has missed its chance to be posted it’s stack and left so they can make sure the next 1 st class does make it on time . Once it’s late it’s late and they move on to the next this why millions of parcels are being left stacked as they don’t have the time to go back ams sort them all (edited)
    yep this is true but if they leave it too long for tracked parcel etc it gets into compensation territory so best sending everything tracked. (edited)
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    It depends on the seller's despatch time and postage method used. eBay seems to be taking into account the Royal Mail strike days and revised last posting days now.

    It's still a bit all over the place though - e.g. my items are saying estimated delivery for Second Class is 22-30th December, when the last day for posting by Second Class was yesterday, so 22nd seems unlikely. But then First Class says 28th Dec - 3rd Jan when its last Christmas post date isn't until Friday so it should get there by 25th, and even if it doesn't you would expect it quicker than Second Class. Makes no sense.

    My ETAs for eBay services including Evri and UPS are more realistic though - 17-21 for 2-3 day services and 19th for one day.

    sellers should shut down over christmas if they have to use RM, they are striking 23rd and 24th as well, anything inbetween isn't going to move much till after new year, its going to be a real mess (it already is).
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    I dispatch all items next working day using 24 / 48 hour tracked delivery or Special Delivery and my items still haven't turned up for buyers 2 weeks after they were collected by Royal Mail (some are still only showing on the scans that they were collected from my address and nothing more - others have about 10 days between each scan), so if I had sold and sent them out right now, not only would they not turn up by Dec 28th, but at the earliest would probably be delivered in 2023. OP is questioning why December 28th - but in my opinion it's not long enough at all and this date will cause alot of problems for sellers as Royal Mail aren't delivering even to this poor standard. What's even more laughable is that Royal Mail won't allow any compensation claims for late deliveries of Tracked 24 / 48 - even though you are paying for a service that is meant to deliver within 24 or 48 hours. Most won't be aware that their terms and conditions state (if you look with a magnifying glass) that they can deliver these items however late they want and you can't claim compensation for late delivery which is the biggest scam ever. (edited)
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    I ordered a DVD box set for £6 which was a nonrush item and it arrived in 2 days via Evri, with the delivery dates now falling outside of the Xmas window I think that sellers using Royal Mail may not get sales easily if the item was required for before xmas delivery and these may even go into 2023 based on a volumes currently in the system.
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