ebay - exclusive star wars notes - bid today - auction closes sunday 17th december, 2017

Found 16th Dec 2017Edited by:"seb"
notes for fans.

most current bids around £500.

text from chroniclelive :

...eBay will be the exclusive home to the limited run of 1,000
commemorative notes, available at a fixed price of £100, and a further
50 unique premium notes will be up for auction.

The notes are
crafted with 100% cotton cylinder mould paper, securitised and printed
in De La Rue’s high security proofing department and have features
including serial numbers, pattern work of the First Order and Resistance
emblems, a message in Aurebesh, one of the languages of the galaxy and
the signature of Director/Writer Rian Johnson.

This is the Dark Side of the bank note being sold by De La Rue to celebrate the new Star Wars movie
(Image: De La Rue)

And there are even hidden scenes you can uncover under UV
light, as well as hidden messages in microtext you’ll only find with
help from a magnifying glass.

The 50 unique, premium notes will
also include an intaglio – a raised, hand-engraving of Rey – and each
will have a unique, sequenced serial number.

The print run and
sale forms part of a special initiative between Disney and the GREAT
Britain Campaign to celebrate the 40 years of British creativity behind
the Star Wars films.

All of the money raised from the
commemorative note will be donated to Together for Short Lives, a
charity supporting children’s hospices and all children with
life-threatening and life-limiting conditions and their families...

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Could be a better bet than bit coin.
and copies available in 3..2..1...
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