eBay Experiences

Hi All

Just set up an account with eBay.

What are people's experiences of selling & buying, good or bad, on there?

Any tips?

Thanks in advance - Rep given


I'm more a buyer than a seller but have found it really good with a lot of things much cheaper on ebay but beware of memory sticks etc, m3 players (cloned ipods - don't work) and your mp3 or memory may say 2gb or 4 gb but really be 256mb with a small program running falsifying the actual size and reporting a higher one. Check the seller out, see how long they have been on ebay and their rating - check comments and even what they have previously sold eg a good rating with high volume of recent sale - could be bogus sales at say 1p each to get good feedback from friends to fool the proper buyer.
Otherwise, enjoy


I don't bother selling on there any more, too many fee's, too many people who waste your time, the feedback system is rubbish now

I try to buy off here when I can and sell everything I can on here rather than E-bay

Yes you get more money for you sales on E-bay but when you take the fee's into consideration it's not much different

E-bid is the new alternative that has popped up, i've had a look and registered on there but i've not done a transaction on there yet


90% [COLOR="SeaGreen"]good [/COLOR]
10% [COLOR="Red"]bad[/COLOR]

I've had many really good experiences as a buyer and a seller. Got some really good bargains...and a few things I was a little disappointed in, but you win a few you lose a few. I've had a few bad experiences such as a rubbish seller who had listed incorrectly and another seller who never sent the item (£250 worth! They 'went on holiday for 4 weeks and forgot to send it') but paypal got involved and recovered my money which was a relief. As a seller, the charges are crazily high but you tend to get a decent price which makes it just about worth it. I have not (touch wood) been scammed as a seller, or had something not arrive. So long as you follow the rules and use your common sense you should be ok.


90% [COLOR="SeaGreen"]good [/COLOR]10% [COLOR="Red"]bad[/COLOR]

As a buyer - agreed.
As a seller, it's been all good so far.

Its all been good for me as a buyer and seller , never had any problems but guess i might just be lucky.

Always had good response from items ive sold and always got my items ive brought......i find buying sometimes more annoying as some people take a while to maybe ship an item....when i sell i always ship it same day for next day delivery and i always keep my buyer informed , that way nobody has a reason to complain

Ive been on ebay for seven years nearly now.
Ive had a couple of bad experiences with buying and selling.
Hasnt happened for a good few years now though.
I tend to buy alot and try and list when its free listing or reduced listing fees, as they are ridiculous now.

I would say stay clear of items from hong kong etc, very very cheap copies but you do get what you pay for lol.


all the fun has gone from ebay now its flooded with rip of bidders who push electical items way beyong there worth ie ps3 last night £1100 there are to many fees paypal is a rip off i barely use it now to be honest

Used to sell all the while but now i dont bother, cheaper to buy items from proper companys than pay some chancer top price. Lets face it all these guys on ebay are doing is looking on the bargain forums and when they see items cheap they buy a load and then try to flog them on on ebay at a proffit,


yep ....... the honeymoon period is over for ebay..........

bombarded with ads........adding useless features to the site making it difficult to navigate- new search engine is a example..... expensive fees.......flooded with cheap rubbish from china pretented from uk.......false claims from buyers via paypal.....bigger companies like voda are encouraged to sell- this dilutes the private seller who wants a clearout-thought this was the foundations on which ebay was built?...... etc etc etc

I've sold/bought on there since it all started millions of years ago. All I would say is give it a go & see how you get on. Be prepared to give & take, win some/loose some. BE HONEST..................................... GOOD LUCK
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