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Posted 26th Nov 2022 (Posted 3 h, 3 m ago)
I bought my first item and payed immediately and received the item. No feedback as yet so just checking if its the sellers responsibility to leave feedback first. Google says seller should if a prompt payer.
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    As the buyer if you're happy with the item I would leave feedback first. This way the seller knows you have received it and aren't going to open a claim.
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    does my head in when a buyer doesn’t leave feedback
    If I sell something I always thank that person and leave positive feedback I just wish they would reciprocate (edited)
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    Some sellers don't (and even buyers too). It's usually left straightaway if it's a business though.
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    It's not compulsory to leave feedback but it is polite. Wouldn't worry about it though.
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    The buyer should leave feedback first, the seller only leaves feedback after the transaction is complete indicated by the buyers feedback. Large companies leave auto feedback as soon as the buyer pays as they can't possibly check thousands of feedbacks.
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