ebay feedback changed?

    just noticed that all the items i have bought and left feedback over 7 years on ebay is now showing in my feedback profile.

    previously feedback over 90 days was not visible in the profile, is this a recent change?

    and how do i go back to the old system keeping the item titles hidden to others without making my feedback private?


    I noticed it as well, think I prefer the old system, not sure why, I've got nothing to hide. Probably because I don't want reminding of what I have been buying and spending so much money on in the past!

    Yes,it's a "new thing" and there is no going back.

    It's supposedly to stop scamming,ya know the ones who build up feedback by buying it etc and then running scams on the ID,this way people can check feedback out more.

    I doubt it will have much impact though,some buyers never read a listing properly let alone feedback.
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