ebay feedback help!

I have 100% feedback on ebay but recently I purchased a phone and it was not as described(very scratched) and the items listed were not all sent. After I complained to him, I was wary not to write him a bad feedback because I knew he would give me one back.
For some reason he went and wrote me a bad feedback, even though I paid immediatly! I have responded to the comment and also left him a bad feedback and also complained to ebay.
Would I get my 100% feedback back? Would ebay remove it?



next time make a buyers account then you wont care if you get bad feedback when you leave bad feedback

No they will not remove it.

Don't worry, it's how you responded to the feedback that counts.

ohh dont you just hate it when that happens. luckily i havnt been through this but i think giving bad feedback for no reason is against ebay rules and his feedback wil be removed.

You may complain to eBay to have that bad feedback removed. :thumbsup:

Or, you can send to the seller a Mutual agreement to withdraw both feedbacks. Well, it might be not fair for you, but just in case you really want your 100% back.


next time make a buyers account then you wont care if you get bad … next time make a buyers account then you wont care if you get bad feedback when you leave bad feedback

hmm thats a good idea muckkah might do it:thumbsup:

I wouldn't worry too much about just one neg.

I know its annoying to lose your 100% status but it is possible to get it back you know. I had around 1900 feedback at 100% until I got my first neg which reduced me to 99.9%, but when I reached 2000 my feedback went back up to 100% although it still shows the neg on the stats table. I wasn't too bothered about getting the neg to be honest, as I felt I was being held to ransom with some buyers anyway IYKWIM!!


Like teenage sex - it gets betters after your first negative experience. You no longer have to worry about maintaining a 100% record and so will take less **** from people.

Ebay will be very unlikely to remove it. Someone said that leaving unfair feedback should be against the rules - it is but how would ebay determine the full facts of the case without a huge team of investigators?

feedback aint about keeping 100% i know it looks good but at the end of the day i would rather leave a neg for someone who ripped me off/described item wrongly etc and chance getting one back then leaving a false pos

its why so many people get away with it and get to carrry on doing it to others

Don't expect any help from Ebay what so ever. They are the worst customer facing company i have ever met (even tops BT). Generic responses and pointless replies galore and you just go round in circles.

like said before by post its how you reply to feedback that counts and seeing its the only one it probably affects his more than yours so post bad to him anyway as said before also wont stay at that for long will go back up to 100%
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