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Found 18th Feb 2014
Sold an item on eBay. The buyer rating says over 10,000 on the email communications but on the purchase page it says zero feedback. Going to the buyers page it says over 2000 positive feedback for the last year but there is no comment feedback at all.

They have yet to pay for the item.... Any ideas why it would say both zero and over 10,000 feedback?
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Be afraid.
Maybe he has recently created a new account & linked it to his old one. Just guessing that tho.
I had one like this last week, no contact so I relisted the item
Think I'll email eBay and ask them. Can't really afford to lose money on the item.
I'm confused... When you say "The buyer rating says over 10,000 on the email communications", which email do you mean?... because I sold some items at the weekend and i've just looked at the "You've sold your item" emails and they don't show the buyers feedback rating. To see that I have to look at Sold Items in My eBay.
The confirmation of sale email. It says buyer xxxxxxx (10421). Go into the sale page on my ebay and it shows zero.
Sorry, let me correct that. My eBay in the app shows feedback of zero. Clicking on the buyers page shows feedback rating over 10000 but no actual comments. It doesn't show feedback rating in the email, my error.
Seems feedback is set to private for the buyer.... Maybe the app isn't reading it correctly...
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