Ebay Feedback Sooo Funny!

    Ages ago I was buying something from ebay & was checking the sellers feedback, I saw she had a negative so i clicked & went to read it, the buyer left a comment saying "I received all the items wet" to which the seller replied "i wash all my items before i send them" i just found this sooo funny, i mean just imagine if that was you. lol


    what - she couldn't have dried them first? lolz

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    shame this guy doesn't use ebay any … shame this guy doesn't use ebay any more[url=][/url]or this one[url=][/url]

    OMG! hahahaaaa, mine has nothing on these lol

    if you could cut n paste any of those comments?? can't view fleabay in work


    heres a few

    I will use the money from this transaction to buy lots and lots of drugs.
    Wow. Fast. No I mean it.
    This guy's fast payment saved my marriage.
    quick payment. not fast or speedy or anything. Just quick!
    Buyer paid extrememly fast, I used the money to buy lots and lots of crack.
    Payment received within 3 hours via delivery monkey. Monkey wanted a tip though
    I've used these Chinese learning tapes to fool my friends and family.
    I ran out of toilet paper and used this shirt to wipe my bottom. Worked great!
    I like to have sex with farm animals. This has nothing to do with this auction.
    This guy paid me with PayPal and my shoes fell off. I'm sad, yet happy. Wow.
    item arrived quickly and works great! now I can watch 2 porn sites at once!
    My cat's breath smells like catfood!
    Once left, I cannot edit or retract this feedback. So thank you for paying me.
    Paid quick! Please don't use this mp3 player to steal from the RIAA!
    Remote works great, I'm using it to control all of my sex and bondage equipment.

    Man, I was totally hammered when I bought this thing. What exactly does it do? Seller: bubdavel ( 46146) Apr-29-09 13:34
      -- (#250403169875) --  
    Hope you liked all the banjo tracks I crammed into this Ipod! Buyer: adamhwilk ( 8 ) Oct-07-07 09:34
      used 5G Apple iPod 30GB gig Video Black mp3 (#180152703544) --  
    Just wait til your wife figures out what you can do with the pullout nozzle! Buyer: hdc-creative ( 1297) Oct-07-07 09:30
      Kohler 10433-VS pullout kitchen faucet stainless steel (#180153565737) --  
    This wireless controller was broken! And there was no power! Thanks! Seller: massaj925 ( 13936) Oct-07-07 09:30
      -- (#260159065844) --  
    I hope you get an much use out of this mixer as I never did since it was new. Buyer: julie1369 ( 35) Oct-07-07 09:30
      Red KitchenAid mixer RKV25G0X kitchen Pro 5 quarts (#180155009242) --  
    Enjoy your antiquated gaming system. I have a TRS-80 too, if you wanna buy that Buyer: 65restomod1 ( 309) Oct-07-07 09:30
      used Microsoft Xbox - Game console - black (#180158662381) --  
    Seller shipping me the most boring random colors possible. VERY happy. Seller: discountsourcedirect ( 17498)
    No longer a registered user Oct-07-07 09:30
      -- (#300148014812) --  
    Quite possibly the most intense transaction I've ever had the pleasure of. Buyer: wpbjoyce ( 146) Oct-07-07 09:23
      Empire Red KitchenAid Pro 5 Quart Mixer KV25G0X/KV25GOX (#180145795315) --  
    Roy Rogers would have sounded awesome on an Ipod in the 70's. Buyer: gcchm ( 238) Oct-07-07 09:23
      broken used Apple iPod nano Black (2 GB) MP3 Player 1G (#180151707589) --  
    My old 8mm film projecter doesn't even have A/V outputs. What's up with that??? Seller: aztopia ( 7381) Oct-07-07 09:23
      -- (#300145761646) --  
    Quit trying to rekindle our romance by bidding on everything i sell! Buyer: jammie718 ( 175) Sep-03-07 13:00
      Red KitchenAid mixer RKV25G0X kitchen Pro 5 quarts (#180153920764) --  
    OMG POSITIVE! Buyer: garysgarage522 ( 370) Aug-24-07 16:29
      rare postcard of Alton, Illinois Clark Bridge and dam (#180150232218) --

    This ones good of andys

    I do not like him, Sam I am. I do not like green eggs and ham. miligram ( 15)
    No longer a registered user Apr-01-99 06:20
    Reply by miligram (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    Lay off my green eggs you ****! As for the ham, well, you can jam it!
    Follow-up by andy46477 (Jan-01-01 00:00):
    Sam does not jam ham. Not a pound. Not a gram.

    thanks - you just made my night....
    especially the first one golemsmate left.. bought when hammered lol ....


    shame this guy doesn't use ebay any … shame this guy doesn't use ebay any more[url=][/url]or this one[url=][/url]

    AHAHAHAHAAHAH!!! So many funny comments, " I will use this money to buy lots and lots of drugs " LOL

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    lol there must be millions of these crazy feedbacks, what do people b thinking lmao

    Those feedbacks are when there was an exploit within ebay which allowed you to leave feedback for anyone you wanted, without even having to bid or win something
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