Ebay Fees

    I was just wondering whjat the Ebay fees are like these days?

    I have not sold anything on there in a very long time, but i was going to start an auction today, with starting price at about £110 and will probably sell inbetween £110-£150

    Thank You


    You're looking at about 10% end fees, which I think is a complete rip-off, plus remember if they pay thru Paypal, they charge you too!
    Plus opening list fee too!
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    Looks like £1.30 to list and 10% of final value selling fee. So probably cost you about £16.30 if it sold for £150 + paypal fees
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    Around 12-13% for everything won't be a millions miles off.

    I work on the basis of 10% ebay fees plus 5% paypal fees.
    If you google 'ebay fee calculator' and use that you'll get a better more personalised answer.

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    Thanks guys. Great help. you're right, does seem a bit steep



    Everyone complains about ebay fees of 10% but sell something at a real … Everyone complains about ebay fees of 10% but sell something at a real auction and your talking 15-20% or morePlus selling on ebay usually gets you a better price which covers the fee's with extra profit left over


    It might be a little expensive but remember that certain items don't sell well on this site and to sell needs to go on ebay.
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