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Ok so buy it now fees are seriously confusing me. I get the part that I will have to pay 20p to list it, but then I can't figure out how much they take once it's sold. What I am selling are tickets, and say they sell at £80 buy it much exactly will eBay/PayPal take? Sorry for the noob question



it usually tells you how much you will pay before listing it, remember also paypal fees as these dont show up when listing, i dont think anyway
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I work on the principle 10% eBay fees and 5% paypal fees but if you google 'ebay fee calculator' there are calculators which when you put the info in will tell you what you should expect to pay.


Listing Fee: £0.20
Final Value Fee: £6.72
PayPal Fees: £2.92
Total Amount Due: £70.16
rough estimates.

Might make a few quid more if say you charge £5 postage and I actually costs £3.etc
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I think ebay take 10% and paypal around 4 %... i've not sold anything for about a year though so could be wrong

Simple way is to expect to fork out 20% of the total (although it works out slightly under) and that way you can easily calculate your return/profit. If you overcharge for P&P your reputation gets marked down.

when your listing the 2nd page tells you at the bottom (the page which asks if u want to make changes/edit etc)

I use this online calculator for a break down on fees and profit, quite handy.…uk/

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Thanks all
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