eBay final fee promotion and revising a listing

Found 5th Jun 2018
I have opted in for the £1 final fee promotion on eBay, however need to lower the price on one item and change the title on another. Will this affect my promotion, will the listing revert back to the normal final value fee if I revise the listings?
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you can revise the listings without it having any effect on the promotion, just don't end the item.
It may do, I've changed promotional listings in the past and ended up paying full fees, and I've seen comments on here from people who had the same thing happen.
It didn't happen every time though, sometimes I revised a listing and still got the promotion so I think it may depend on what the changes were. Sorry I can't be any more specific, it was a while ago.
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Thanks for the replies, it is confusing, appreciate more replies if anyone knows for sure
Answer is No. The only way I can think of is when you change the listing to sell more than one of the same item i.e 5 bottle of aftershave. You're no longer eligible for the promo.
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