ebay final fees are rising in may!

    not on everything, 'tech' is going down, but clothes shoes accessories, and 'other stuff' (not collectibles, property, media) is going up!
    Its only to 12% but still...



    Even more reason why I am thankful for free resources like our FS/FT.
    Edited by: "Adam2050" 16th Mar 2011

    Fee changes for business sellers

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    ahh, thats why its put its 8.75 now, have edited, but they still don't need to be putting it up even more for anybody! im sure itl be put up for everyone soon

    So we pay more for putting up with people who take the mick out of paying and we can't leave feedback to warn anyone else.....only ever sell as a last resort on Ebay...this is another reason why I'll be selling less and less on there!
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