Ebay....... final value fee on postage!! ?

Found 24th Oct 2013
I've often heard people complain about ebay's fees.... fees for listing and fees on the final selling fee.

But NEVER heard of fees that they charge you on postage!
What on earth is this all about??

Iv'e today sold a heavy pair of trousers, the buyer was from europe, and as the trousers are worth £45 i needed it go international signed for.
So when i listed the item a week ago i set the postage amount on ebay at £13.75 (which i guessed should be a fair price for a heavy pair of trousers to go to europe signed for).

Anyway ebay have charged me £1.37 as a postage fee .....why on earth is ebay charging a fee on postage when im sending the item via the post office and it will more than likely cost me MORE than the £13.75 i have charged the buyer??
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Because they can and are greedy B*******
Was introduced weeks if not months ago I'm afraid, I'm sure there's a thread on here somewhere about it.
One of the reasons I no longer sell through ebay
Where are you sending it to and how heavy is it? It might be cheaper to send it by courier.
The only thing that will stop a company from ripping its customers off is that a viable alternative is found. Even then they all join forces ans screw everyone together i.e, banks, gas/leccy compaines, BT, Sky, Petrol.

Every company price fixes, asdas offer of 10% cheaper and double the difference back is blatant price fixing, surely if they thought they were more expensive and they can afford to have such a deal means that they can reduce the prices to ensure that they ARE the cheapest.
They put the fee on postage a while back to get round crafty sellers who were offering items for 1p but £19.99 postage.

I tend to do most auctions as BIN (offers accepted) these days and with free postage as it makes me look "generous" to prospective bidders. After all if I'm going to be charged the same fee for selling something at e.g. £40 with free p+p as I am for selling it at £35 + £5 p+p then it makes sense. You are in more control of your selling prices with BIN.

What I have noticed recently though is that it is well worth looking into ebay postage prices. I paid a tenner for postage direct from ebay for an item I sold the other day. When I took it to the PO to drop it off I asked what they would have charged and she quoted me £12.52 for the exact same service. And me a shareholder too

ebay is expensive these days so I look for other ways to sell stuff first but there's no denying it provides a service and its less hassle than dealing with idiots on gumtree.

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I find theres more idiots on Ebay, rather than Gumtree. Plus there's always the chance that the buyer lies about the condition of the item and no longer needs to send it back, but Ebay who haven't seen the item side with them and refund the buyer leaving you out of pocket and without the item.

If postage would be £12 you would need to charge at least £13.20 just to cover the postage then you have the packing to consider. I once sold a watch for X amount and the P+P was £7.50, when the buyer received the item they sent me an email pretty much demanding that i refund them £3.40 as the postage was only £4.10, totally ignoring the box that i bought and the bubble wrap to ensure it was packed properly. They left negative feedback which was subsequently removed by Ebay, i then received several abusive emails calling me names and saying that they knew where i lived. My last message to them was if they want to travel over 600 miles to argue then feel free but they would have to take up the issue with the armed guards at my front gate before being allowed to request that i go to the guard room to allow them onto the camp.

It was all quite amusing.
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