ebay final value fees query


lol anyway.

I don't know if its because I've been getting up for 5.20am 4 days in a row, but I can't get my head around ebay final value fees.

I'm wanting to do some bulk sales. we sell Product X for £10.99 plus £2.99 postage, £1.99 postage for each additional item purchased.

1 X costs £1.38 to post, where 2 X costs £1.84

Paypal fees are 68p for 1X or £1.12 for 2X...

we can only post in multiples of 2 or less via the post office, so if they buy 3X, its 2X+1X...

anyway thats some **** out of my head, what I want to know is do ebay take the final value fee from a single bottle, or do they take the fee from a multiple purchase.

My goal is to try cut the price down for the buyer using Pay Per Drop, £6 Postage protected up to £100, which is 9 bottles... 9 bottles the current way would cost £18.91 (but that figure includes all fees), the pay per drop £5.99 figure doesn't.

so I guess this rant is how much extra do i put on top to cover paypal and ebay.

This is like a nightmare Math's question

also this is open to all if anyone understands it :giggle: (not just to Dino)


I'm here but wishing I wasn't after reading that. :roll:

The fees are per sale, so if you sell two items you pay two lots of fees, but if you sell two of the same item to the same person at the same time, as in one transaction your fees will be reduced, but you are not charged fees on P&P so that would also alter the amount they take. Phew, I hope you understood that. I did, I think.:thumbsup:

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aye i understood it, but think i'll go put my head in the oven for a bit :giggle:

don't try this at home kids

The thing is, it all depends on your markup. How much is the Postage for 1?
If I remember, you sell tanning cream or something like that. Do people buy more than two at a time? Does it work?

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we've been known to sell between 5-12 in one transaction and that sort of sale is better than an Individual purchase (although a sale's a sale)...

It costs £1.38 to post 15p for the envelope and 7p for a pair of gloves, so thats £1.60 for 1 product.

for 2 its £1.84 to post 15p for the envelope and 14p for 2 pair of gloves, £2.13...

]http//ww…uk/ Don`t know if this will help
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