Posted 29th Nov 2021
This topic has been discussed so many times in the past but here we go again! Sold a tablet on eBay 28 days ago, buyer claimed that the tablet is faulty and that he wants to return it. I messaged him that the tablet comes with warranty from Samsung and there is no need to worry but he returned it anyway. When I received it of course the tablet was not faulty and it had signs of use. eBay decided that the buyer should get a full refund. I called them and said that I want to appeal and they told me that this is eBay's policy and there is nothing that they can do. I said that this is outrageous what If the buyer has returned a tablet with a broken screen and they replied that he would still get a full refund since this comes under eBay's protection. The conclusion is that you are big sucker if you are still selling on eBay (of course I am closing my account) and you are more than welcome to buy a tablet or a ps5 from eBay from a seller that tries to make an extra income, use it for almost a month and then return it for a full refund! Yay!
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