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Hi guys...sorry for another thread.....im having a prob with ebay and cant remember steves email addy...

i listed some stuff for work, potato peeler and chipper etc...and they sold...2 ppl backed out so i opened dispute.....then got the FVF back then it said FVF reverse so i clicked...thinking i had to do this to get the FVF...anyway i was re-charged....now ebay are saying they cant credit me again......its £35 worth...which i think is discusting and they even said you may have accidently pressed the reverse.......anything i can do???? email isnt helping at all...anyone have a number??


Ebay and paypal are terrible when things go wrong. Paypal do have a phone number on their website, but it is pretty useless calling them.

As far as I know ebay don't have a call centre.

I would try talking to your credit card company. I assume the fee will be charged to your credit/debit card?

Lloyds were pretty good with helping me sort out a paypal dispute I had a while ago.

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yeah im with lloyds and it will be paid on my debit card....what do u say to them? and what do they do?

02080802105 is ebays helpline number. Try giving them a ring

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thanks will do that now...cheers

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wow..i rang and he is taking them off for me....ur a star.....heh....i emailed the barstools 4 times and they say the same thing over and over...lol....im so happy....rep for u ......id give u 100 if i could..u just saved me £35 lol have a fee cd off my thread if u want....lmk on the thread which one......

just used the ebay number and they refunded me fvf on an item that the buyer refused to buy even though the dispute was closed when the buyer said they still wanted to complete the transaction.
really happy as it was £9.
thank you :thumbsup:

Your both very welcome. Glad they could help. Never tried ringing the helpline before but if they are that helpful, i might give it a go!
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