Ebay, going to get my first negative for no reason :(

This is so depressing, someone bought a dvd off me on the 26th October, paid late at night on the 26th, I didn't get chance to go to the post office so I posted it first thing on Saturday 28th, royal mail 2nd class, which is what the buyer paid for - he had the option of paying 1st class or special delivery if he wanted it quickly.

I got a bunch of emails yesterday about how it hadn't arrived, today he keeps emailing me asking, where is it, he's paid, why hasn't he got it, when is it going to get there, but with really bad english and a lot of txt speak and a couple of times I had absolutely no idea what he was asking! I told him it was sent on 28th and provided proof of postage, and told him if it hadn't arrived within 7 days I would give a full refund.

He told me that it should have arrived by now and he's leaving me negative feedback anyway because i'm such a slow and irresponsible ebayer!! He has over 100 positive feedback and should surely know that royal mail can take a bit longer than 2 days sometimes, and as i've provided the proof of postage and reassured that a refund will be given if it doesn't arrive, I can't walk behind the van cracking a whip so they deliver it faster!!

It's been 2 working days since i posted it, and he paid for 2nd class.. I don't understand why he's gonna neg me when I even made it clear if it didn't arrive within 7 days he'd get a full refund.

There's nothing more I can do about it and it's incredibly frustrating to have my first negative feedback when I can't see as I've done anything wrong.


Have you left their feedback yet? If not, then let them know their 100% feedback will also suffer if you cannot resolve this sensibly and calmly.

I agree with Ray on this.
If you use the HK site to leave feedback, you can leave 125 characters as opposed to the 85 on the UK site:-
It's best to have the HK and UK sites open together so you can navigate the HK site easily, until you get used to it.
You leave feedback exactly the same way but more of it.

Have you had a look at my ebay tips for buyers and sellers?:-

Some people are so impatient....I had a package delayed last week because in their wisdom the Post Office decided that the postage was 20p underpaid...so they didn't deliver cos they wanted £1.20 off me inclusive of the handling charge (I was out when they attempted delivery some 5 days after it had been posted
I called at the sorting office to collect and disputed that the postage was incorrect....it had 2x first class stamps on a small jiffy which contained 2 CDs without cases...the guy on the counter was excellent and after weighing and testing for size it proved that it could have been delivered first class for just a single 1st class stamp....so maybe your DVD has suffered the same fate...I hope not.

When you do an ebay listing there is a section for handling time. How many days handling time did you advertise?
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