eBay good ‘til cancelled auction

Posted 3rd Feb
Didn’t know where else to ask this so put it on here. Just listed some auctions with the £1 final value fee option.
Has anyone else noticed that their good ‘til cancelled auctions are only running for 29 days this month not 30.
I asked customer services but they say it’s because February only has 29 days. But I don’t get 31 days if I list in January.
Please can someone explain to me how this works.
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Good til cancelled is fixed price items not auctions.

You do get 31 days in january. People complained that they were charged twice in same month so if they had listings included in a shop sub they would go over the limit. So they changed it to calendar months so it renews on the same day each month which is much better.
While not a direct answer to your question, you needn't worry too much about the exact length - it would be unusual for there not to be another similar promotion before the listings end, so you can just end the listings and post replacements.
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