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Found 14th Sep 2016
So i recently sold an item on ebay through the global shipping program.

Was posted to thr UK address with the ref no etc. Was delivered the following day.

Today i got an email stating the following;

"Dear xxx,

We are writing to inform you that your GSP order is currently under review for potential prohibited items and may experience a delay to your buyer of 3-5 business days"

I sold a Samsung Gear VR headset thing

What's all this about???
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They may be checking it for lithium batteries or counterfeiting. Should be ok.
Yeah im pretty sure its to do with the battery.

Everytime I post anything with RoyalMail they always ask if it has a battery and if it does they put a warning label on it

it will be the same for GSP and I guess you didn't disclose that
Yes , Royal Mail wont allow anything being sent with a loose battery. Ok if it's attached to a phone .etc. I cannot sell any of my Quadcopters with lipo batterys in the box . RM tell me if they find batterys inside the whole package will be destroyed.
I didn't think the Samsung headset had any batteries inside.
I have also had that message several times and the parcel is always posted on by GSP shipping within a couple of days so don't worry.
At least you're covered against delivery time complaints when you use the GSP.
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