Ebay have removed my bought item...is this some sort of fraud and should i be worried.

Bought a CD last weekend only £2.50 so no worries there. Paid immediately by paypal.
Received email from ebay this morning saying the item has been removed and they strongly recommend i dont pay. Two page letter then goes on to mention paying outside of ebay. Cant really make sense of it.
Anyone had similar. Think what they are saying is this seller may be sending emails out getting you to buy other things or use a different payment method.
As i paid by paypal will i be ok. i am scared paypal account, bank accounts etc could be at risk but as i understand it paypal makes it impossible for this to happen. can someone clarify this please. i am not worried about loosing the £2.50 it is just what other things this seller could do.
thanks in advance for any help.


open a paypal dispute if your worried.....

paypal don't give the seller access to your account so its safe.... unless yu clicked on a link to paypal, not on ebay

for £2.50 it may be just that the seller has been reported for something so ebay removed all of their listings

dont panic,they have probably just removed it as it may be a fake,used to happen to me requlary,nothing to concern yourself with

dont panic ..as already been said ..open a dispute .you will get your money back..but dont deal with the clown again....best of luck:)

I would wait to see if it arrives first. The seller may be legit. I paid for something and then got the same letter but the item arrived and was perfect. And as a seller I had sold something and then my listing was removed because blah blah blah it may not be real blah blah blah etc and it was only a skirt from NEXT!! You are covered anyway through Paypal so you can always get money back if it doesn't arrive or isn't legit.

Original Poster

Thanks I thought I was fine but the reassurance has rested my mind. I never click on links in emails so safe there and always use paypal.

Will wait and see if it arrives. If it doesnt although its a small amount i will go through the dispute process as it will be a learning curve if i have any problems in the future.

Thanks for your help.
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