eBay held funds - help

    Hey i hardly use eBay but sold a phone on their this morning.

    Just checked my paypal account and it says pending funds for a temporary period. Am not sure what this means and dont even know how to use paypal properly.

    Can someone explain how i can get the funds withdrawn or even available to spend?



    i think because you dont use ebay much they hold the funds for 21 days or until u receive feedback. the only thing you can do is send the item asap and ask the buyer to please leave feedback as soon as possible.

    They will release the funds once you receive positive feedback from the buyer, they tend to do this with infrequent or new users or for high value items

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    Ah ok, thats not a problem then. I will put a note in the package asking the buyer to leave positive feedback

    Send the phone asap, pop a little note in saying please leave feedback when received and their happy.

    Update the buyer when you have posted it and tracking details, make sure you send it recorded in case of any problems!

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    Thanks for the info all

    why dont you ring ebay just to check to be safe

    I am starting to hate ebay......lots of non payers and scammers.
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