ebay help????

:thumbsup: hello got 2 queries

1. someone bought something from ebay from me and they dont want the item

2.if i sell something on ebay and it goes for less then i was expecting then do i still have to and have to despatch the item?;-)

(thanks in advance)


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1. You can agree to not sell the item to them. You open a dispute and just say you agreed to not go ahead.


You can just open a dispute for not paying and let ebay deal with it.

(I think you have to wait a week)

2) Yes you do. You can set reserve prices though which means you don't have too. Obviously this will incur higher fees.

1. If they do not want the item and have not paid then you have to log a non-paying bidders report with Ebay if you want to get your fees refunded

2. Yes, if you want to maintain your Ebay "reputation" although many sellers "get around" this with excuses like......the goods were seen as damaged before posting etc ( This is not something I am suggesting or condoning just pointing out that it happens )

Hope this helps?

and at the same time............


and at the same time............

Great minds think alike.....

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thank you v much hodson and simon012
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