Found 6th Oct 2008
sold my GHD's on ebay and the person who has bought them has not paid and have not got in touch with me no matter how many messages i try and send them! they have not made any effort to tell me why they have notpaid me! this has been since last thursday can anyone tell me what i can do?



Send a 2nd chance offer to the next highest bidder?

I think you can put it a non paying buyer report to e bay anyway, I don't know how as i've never had to do it

File them as a NPB and claim for your fee's back.

You can start Unpaid item dispute after 7 days. If they don't respond for 7 more days they get an Unpaid item strike... I think

I hope you havent sent them any goods!

All you can do is wait several days, 7 (I think) then report it as an unpaid item. Once this is done then there will be a waiting period of about 10 days or so then you will be refunded your Finval Value Free credited back to your account and the buyer will be issued with an unpaid item strike against them.

Other than that theres not much you can do if he hasnt paid you. Hope this helps. Cheers.

Yeah you can submit a non paying thing and then you wont have to pay any of the fees, plus you can send a 2nd chance offer to the next highest bidder or you can relist it.
Don't panick to much, it will all sort itself out


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thanks guys, no not sent them yet thank god! but was really hoping to get the money asap from the sale! i just dont get these time wasters who bid but dont follow thru with it

cheers, melissa

Ive sold 9 items recently on ebay (5 days ago) and 3 ppl have not paid. Dispute numerous invoices and emails. 1 guy won something for £170 and is asking if i will accept him paying it off on a daily basis for a week as in splitting the payments for a whole week sending a postal order each day which i found was strange, Giving up on ebay its a waste of space, **** customer service who will not help you at all unless your a buyer.

Best thing to do if you get timewasters is. Goto items youve sold on the drop down menu next to the auction click 'report a unpaid item' then file that with them, it will stay open i think for 6 days if the person hasnt replied then you can close it yourself and it will give them a strike against there account. I think 3 strikes and they get banned. You'll automatically get FVF back but the original listing fees you lose, you cant claim them back.

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aww sorry to hear bout that! ha i would laugh if someone offered me pay by day deal lol how rude is that! thanks for all the advice will get on it cheers, melissa

You could always list at a fixed price with best offer and have immediate payment selected, that way if it sells you know you will get the payment straight away. downside is that the listing fee might be a little higher but its the assurance that if your item sells then you get immediate payment.

Anyways, good luck and dont let it get you down!

Thursday as in, only a few days ago, or thursday as in over a week ago? seems a bit harsh if only the thursday just gone./

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thurday just gone but i put in my advert that i wanted immediate payment or if they were struggling to let me know straight away, but no reply to any messages

Maybe they only have internet access at work or something, that's why no contact over the weekend? I understand where you are coming from, but I've had people not contact me at all before, and then a cheque/postal order has turned up a few days later...people are just strange. Maybe just give it a couple of more days before jumping to conclusions, what's their feedback like?

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there feedback is not 100% but its not awful, i guess i should give few days just annoying that i needed the money at the weekend, hence why i sold it on thurs morning! cheers for advice will take it into consdieration


You could always list at a fixed price with best offer and have immediate … You could always list at a fixed price with best offer and have immediate payment selected, that way if it sells you know you will get the payment straight away.

Thats what i've started doing a lot now, I always peg the buy it now at aroung 15% higher than what I actually want and set the best offer to auto accept/decline offers, its surprising how many dont actually use it though and just use buy it now:w00t: Probably around 8 in 10:-D

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still not been paid over a week now
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