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can anyone tell me how long to leave an item befor reporting it as not recieved .. im waiting on 2 items from over 2 weeks ago i paid instantly with paypal for them
ive never had a non recieved item before and not exactly sure what to do now


have you emailed the seller? and has your payment cleared or is it an echeque?


Does it state on the item how long for delivery?

have you tried e-mailing the seller yet?

Whats the item's location? is it international?


Paypal need you to have tried to contact the seller first. Try, give them 48 hours then go to a claim. Some **** has taken 4 weeks for something of mine!

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ive emailed both sellers asking nicely when i can expect delivery no reply from either ,, i paid instantly with funds already in my paypal account . ( ive bought about 50 ebay items in the last few weeks these two are the only problem ones )
my ebay name is tomboy70 .. i have perfect feedback . i always leave feedback on reciept of package


I havnt recieved something of mine yet, so i emailed the seller and she told her post office is really slow. Email them and then wait another week or so and if it isnt send you can claim your money back from paypal

open up a dispute, that will send an email to the seller reminding them

if you don't hear anything then proceed to make it a full dispute

you only have 42 days (i think) to open a dispute, its better to open iot now or you may forget about it

as i said above, open a dispute but don't open it to a full dispute yet, wait for an answer

you can cancel the dispute at any time, so be safe here and cover ya back :-D

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thanks for the help peeps . rep given


I email if it's not received on expected date then open dispute, that … I email if it's not received on expected date then open dispute, that usually get's them moving, if not as a buyer you'll more than likely get your money back, still doesn't make up for the hassle of it all though!!! I think you have to wait a full 7 days after the sale to dispute it.

good point forgot that, you can't open one for 7 days but do give the seller a few days extra - send a friendly email, if no correspondence then open a paypal dispute :-D


yeh always keep it nice and friendly too, lots of genuine reasons why it … yeh always keep it nice and friendly too, lots of genuine reasons why it hasn't been posted! Save the hostility for the dispute lol x:p

touch wood i never had a problem on ebay but its common to get slow post

a lot of established members will display days they will post e.g. saturdays or every day etc
royal mail can be slow and they won't class a parcel missing until 15 days has passed

always be friendly ........ then get a nice green point :lol:

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ive just had a rather unfriendly reply from 1 seller saying its been sent and thats it . they cant or wont tell me when they sent it so ive some idea if its missing or in the post .. dunno what to do now
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