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Posted 6th Dec 2019
I've just sold an item on Ebay. Cut a long story short , I had had some guy send me several rude and insulting messages after I declined his low offer price. The item sold in the end and yes it did go for slightly less that this man had offered.

I blocked this person after reading the insane amount of negative feedback he has left for sellers calling them all sorts ie con artists , scammers etc.

So next another absusive message from this person who made an earlier offer ,saying how he's glad I didnt get more and serves me right for not accepting his offer. ?? (Clearly a certified fruit cake) and how karma going to get me ....

I couldn't understand how he contacted me after I blocked him?

Anyway, as I'd just sold my item I went through to the contact buyer button , clicked it ...and this guy shows up!!

The most bizarre thing is when you go to 'sold' it shows a differnt bidder? Yet its only when you go in contact buyer that this blocked bidders username comes up?

What on earth is going on, this person is clearly mentally unstable and I do not want them turning up at my house , if indeed it is him who has won ...
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ring ebay, cite your concerns...
Ask them to look into this.

google their uk number, take the call id, ring... (tonight)
Just report the person to EBay and state that they have been sending you abusive messages. If you are sure that they have used a second account of theirs to buy your item then just go ahead and cancel the transaction and refund the money. But contact eBay first and make sure that it definitely is the same person.
If it's the same person it would be reasonable to assume they are pleased to have won at less than the price previously offered, so the buyer(s) should be happy and not wish to pay (sic) the seller a visit, or is it a collection item?
Blocked contact or blocked bidder?
Blocked bidder, annoyingly I didnt realise that blocked bidder didnt mean blocked from messaging.

I cant see how hes done this ?
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Are you sure it’s same id, people use more than one but look the same with just a tiny difference
How awful I hate people being so rude. Ebay should be doing something about that to block them sending you messages or something. Did you try talking to ebay on the live chat about it to check the ID of the person etc. Also to see what they can do so you don't get hassled.
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Just cancel and refund. Simple. You're then 2 up
You need to change your account settings regarding messages from blocked bidders.
Maybe he has 2 accounts
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