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I know we have loads of these threads..but..... sold an ipod on ebay and just got email seller has paid via echeaque

Is echeaque safe? and can it be chargedback?

Thanks in advance


what did you say in your listing? Paypal, Cheque, etc?

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its only me;5841484

what did you say in your listing? Paypal, Cheque, etc?

With ipods the only thing you can choose is paypal, so didnt put anything on the listing about it

Seller has 50 feedback if that helps

Seems to be a legit way of paying through Paypal - suggestion is DONT post until the echeque has cleared through your paypal account

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ok cheers buddy


:-D welcome

The last time we were paid via e-cheque it took a week plus to clear...bit of a pain!


Im a Powerseller on ebay and would say, dont post the item until the echeque is cleared as it can be cancelled anytime before its cleared. It takes 7-10 days to clear, once its done then you can post it.

eCheques take an absolute age to clear, but as long as you wait for that, they are as safe as any other form of Paypal payment
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