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    i could do with a bit of help but im not sure if this is some scam or what.
    i bought an item with buy it now last night but just got an email saying they dont have any more in stock so they refunded the money , but , i have just checked his other items and he is selling the same item in a normal auction.
    is this dodgy?

    cheers for any help


    might have been selling items whist waiting for a delivery whats the item number?

    It is not uncommon for someone to sell a couple of items as auctions then the rest as buy it now. Seems unfair that he has cancelled your purchase though.

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    i think it may be because he listed the price to low and they sold very quick.
    it would be interesting to know if he canceled the other auctions but i cant check.
    i dont realy want to post the item number as is it not against rules?

    Is the normal auction selling for more than what you paid?

    Original Poster


    Is the normal auction selling for more than what you paid?

    not yet

    its not against the rules to post a number?


    why not email the selller and ask them! Cant see how anyone here can help
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