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    Somebody bought two items of me, but it has a little hour glass icon, and says payment pending. Sorry for the noob question but what does this mean ? Is it safe to send


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    prob means they've paid by echeque which can take days to clear, so don't send til it says payment cleared/completed

    Im geussing it means ur still waiting to be paid. Just a geuss?

    no dont send yet, its still pending with paypal probably, it sounds like an echeque, dont send any items until its cleared, you will get a notifaction from paypal once its completed, until then hold on

    They've paid using balance from their bank account through paypal, called echeque. Can take up to 10 days to clear so don't post out until you've been notified.

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    Thanks for the info everyone, the paypal on the listing may have been incorrect though. I think this may have been the problem. I've contacted them about it and i'll see what they say

    I paid via Paypal once and it said I'd used an e-cheque (whatever that is) though I did nothing different to any other day. Took a few days to clear but the seller was fine about it so no harm done. Check the buyers feedback carefully and only post when payment has cleared though as the others have said.

    sometimes echeques dont clear so another reason not to send anything until you get confirmation
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