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hi i was wondering if anyone could help me, i sold something on ebay so does the payment go straight into my bank account or do i have to do anything thanx x


Congrats on selling something.
How did they pay?

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thanx, paypal

you need to transfer the funds from paypay to your bank account.

HI Beck, I've sold a fair bit of stuff on eBay myself & whenever anybody pays via PayPal, it will go straight into your PayPal account.
If you want the money in your Bank Account, you will have to set-up your account on PayPal first, then withdraw the cash into it from the PayPal account screen.

CONGRATS on your sale :thumbsup:

Paypal is good in that you get your money quick but they take 3% of it! ******s!

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thanx for your help :thumbsup:

Have you received an email from Paypal confirming payment?
If so, you need to click on 'Withdraw' in your Paypal account. Then follow the simple instructions. If you are withdrawing less than £50.00 you will be charged 25p, if i is more than £50.00 there is NO charge.
Transferring your money to a UK Bank takes up to 10 days. My last withdrawal only took 4 days.
Double check you have entered your correct Bank details or you could be charged a £14.00 admin fee for a 'bounced back' payment.

Never click on an email link to get to your Paypal account.


Paypal is good in that you get your money quick but they take 3% of it! … Paypal is good in that you get your money quick but they take 3% of it! ******s!

3.4% and 20p on a UK Pound Sterling transaction into your account.


NEVER leave any balance in your paypal account as they can close your account without reason. They did this to me and provided no explanation whatsoever. I had to wait 6 months before they returned my balance. They can also make a chargeback on any payments received up to 6 months later if the buyer uses a fraudulent card etc. See ]paypalsucks.com
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