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A buyer left neutral feedback with a statement that was incorrect. How do I get the statement reviewed?

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not alot you can do, apart from emailing the buyer and ask him to change it, ebay wont do anything to change it themselves

yup but from what hes said its highly unlikely, they only remove for certain things as below and i cant see it fitting into any of those

Situations in which Feedback might be removed
We might remove Feedback ratings or comments in these cases:

The rating or comment breaches the Feedback Abuse policy.

A member couldn’t be contacted at the time of the transaction.

A member left negative or neutral Feedback intended for another member, informed us of the error, and has already placed the same Feedback for the correct member.

A member was under 18, and therefore unable to form a legally binding contract, when the bidding ended or when Feedback was left.

If we suspend a member, we’ll remove all their negative and neutral Feedback from the site. If a member is suspended within 90 days of registration, we’ll remove all their Feedback.

We receive a valid court order requesting Feedback Removal.

A buyer fails to respond to the Unpaid Item process.

When communication or comments left by the buyer within the Unpaid Item Resolution Centre undermine the integrity of the Unpaid Item process and the eBay Feedback system

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you can get them to change their feedback by sending them a request.

Go to help and type in 'request feedback revision'. Follow the links and instructions and select the transaction that you want the feedback to be revised. But before doing this i would alert the buyer and ask if they would kindly make changes - before sending them the rquest.
ebay link - not sure if it will work
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