eBay help (buyer not paid)

Posted 10th Mar 2022
This is the second time in less than 6 months I've had people not pay for eBay items. I have it set up to require immediate payment on buy it now items but if someone sends me an offer I accept or vice versa there doesn't seem to be an option to request immediate payment there .
Whilst that's is frustrating to not have the people pay what's more frustrating is that eBay simply leave it at the "awaiting payment" stage unless I cancel the sale, so it doesn't even go against or get recorded that they haven't paid! & Because the transaction didn't complete there's no way for me to leave negative feedback either.

I thought it it was meant to be legally binding as they do give you a whole statement about that when you bid/purchase an item. Even though it may be "legally binding" for ebay's sake I'm understand you can't actually force someone to make payment. But it seems utterly ridiculous that they don't pay & the mark goes against me for having to cancel the sale as a seller.

Does anyone know a way round this. Obviously I can't make the person pay but if I could get the negative out against them instead of myself that's all I want
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