Ebay Help Needed Please!

Hi everyone, around 2 weeks ago I bought a mobile phone off ebay for 86 pounds. It has still not came and I'm slightly getting worried as I haven't had any replies to the email that I sent them asking when it will be delivered. This person has 117 good feedback 100% but it has been 2 weeks which is quite long, what is the best thing to do?

Thanks, Dean


Hi Dean,
If your Ebay name is the same as your HDUK name then I cannot see the phone if your buying history.
What is the item number?

Original Poster

[SIZE=2]Hi mate, thanks for helping :). the Item number: 120004924634[/SIZE]

Are you staffswolf007 on eBay?

[SIZE=1]To be honest he does not look like a scammer. The item never had Paypals buyer protection, Strange. He appears to qualify for it.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]R/M do not class an item lost for 15 working days, Saturdays are working days. He will not be able to claim until the 28/07/06 if he posted it on the 12/07/06 and if he did foolishly post it First Class Recorded he will only be able to claim a maximum of £32.00.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Right then, your options.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]I would try and phone him:-[/SIZE]


[LEFT][SIZE=1]and if the number is false report him:-[/SIZE][/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=#ff0000]False or missing contact details[/COLOR][/LEFT]


[LEFT][SIZE=1]You will then need to try and get some money back. Because the item did not qualify for Paypals buyer protection you will be automatically passed on to ebays standard purchase protection. Ebay charge an admin fee of £15, this is deducted from the £76.00 that you paid. They do NOT include the P&P, so you will get £61.00 and the process takes about four weeks.[/SIZE][/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=#ff0000]Item Not Received Process.[/COLOR][/LEFT]


[LEFT][SIZE=1]I would try and phone him first and see what happens. If you get no joy start the INR process on Friday. You are better off starting it and if the Mobile turns up or you are refunded close it, than be kept waiting.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Once closed it CANNOT be re-opened.[/SIZE][/LEFT]

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Thanks alot mate, you've been great! I'm getting the persons phone details and I'll give em a ring tonight. :thumbsup:

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Starting Item not recieved process.

What happened when you phoned him?

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She wasn't in. But I recieved an email the following day saying she'd send it the following morning in the early post. So after 3 days surely it'd be here by now. I've started the INR process through paypal.

It ain't coming is it?
Did you explain to them it should be posted Special Delivery because of the value? Although that's irrelevant if they are not sending it.

If it should turn up, please don't close the dispute until you are happy with it, once a dispute is closed it cannot be re-opened.
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