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I need some advice from you guys please because im not sure what to do -

I sold an item on ebay on the 01-Aug-2008 it clearly states on the page serious bidders only payment within 3 days. I send an invoice on the day the item was won the the bidder no response from him, send him a message on the 03-Aug-08 about what was happening and when he was going to pay no response. so on the 7th day(08-Aug-2008) of having absolutely no response from him i submitted a non paying dispute against him and offered a second chance offer to the next highest bidder the item sold, was paid for and has been posted by the end of the 11th day(12-Aug-2008), and now today i get a email after 12 days of no response that the bidder has paid for the item he has won. I dont have the item anymore and have a non paying dispute opened against him at the moment. Im really not sure what to do, honest all i want to do is get back the fees for selling this item to him what can i do please?


might be best to refund his payment,tell him whats happened and that you sold it to someone else and carry on the non payer dispute

Yup thats what i would be doing too. God you can get some t0ssers on ebay!

I'd just refund him

just refund them and tell um that the conditions of payment were not met therefore item sold to next highest bidder and u no longer have it. Stuff um!!

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thanks for the advice guys, yeah your probably right, i can' t really do anything because i don't have a spare item to post
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