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eBay help buyer saying item not as descibed

Posted 17th Oct 2020
So I sold a sample sale bag on eBay, stating that it had some faults, but the bag was still new and nice ! I photographed the faults and listed as new with defects,
Surprise surprise the buyer has received it and is saying that they didn’t realise it had had the faults and has opened a case for a return sending me pictures of the marks, the same marks I pictured but at her house and saying that it’s not as described , she’s also saying the chain is marked, and its got bite marks on? I listed saying the chain had marks on from where i had been untangling also with pictures
eBay are saying if I don’t send the buyer a postage label by 22 of October I’ll have to refund her and let her keep the bag.
I’m guessing my best bet is to just send her a postage label so I can get my item back and sell again?
Ebays a nice bit of money but every once in a while when I get some one who can’t be bothered to read the description puts me of off
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