EBAY help what to do?

ok so i just brought a treadmill for 179 - when i go to pay i get a 404 error. now i have phoned the company ( purefitnessandsports.co.uk/ ) and they say the have had problems and want me to continue via their website (see above) when i go through to the final part of paypal it doesnt show the ebay item or any referance to ebay just their referance is this safe???


if you cannot pay via the ebaypaypal site - contact paypal - livehelp

if you go outside of this you are not covered and thats a lot of money at stake -

if its a kosher company he should be prepared to wait until the glitch (if any) is fixed

go thru system to protect yourself

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i think i will wait... but he is paypal confurmed and 'hacker' safe but when phoned sounded like a hone run company

What is their feedback ? Have they sold much ?
It sounds to me as if they are trying to avoid their Ebay seller fees. BE CAREFUL

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got V good ebay feed baack 2 mins i will get the link

Just do it through ebay or cancel there are lots more treadmills on ebay plus if anything goes wrong with the thing your covered.

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ok you need to add the cgi DOT ebay

some companies link the paypal to their secure website and it is perfectly legit-can you send the link again?

You could phone the person you bought it off and tell them whats gone wrong, and maybe try another payment method.
Hope that helped lol

Nah, if you cannot checkout via paypal which looking at the listing is the ONLY way to pay for it, then i'd not bother. Could be all sorts of nonsense happening, hijacked account, no stock, doing a runner, anything. I could be wrong, lol, very often am but not worth parting so easily with your hard earned and, as other's have said, you've no comeback/recourse from ebay OR paypal if you deal with them this way.
If you bought from them direct mind, from their site and paid via paypal direct that might be different but this way, they'll say summat is amiss and not help you
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