Ebay help? What to do next?

I bought 10 ipod nanos at 39.99 each, the guy had good feedback, no trouble before this listing.

Paid on 13th of June and still without any sign of the ipods

Opened a case on ebay but accidentally made the case for 1 ipod nano at 39.90 instead of 10 at 399.90, first problem is that i can't now change this and ebay customer support have been useless.

Second issue is that he offered a 39.99 refund through the resolution centre, which ebay feel fine with, except he ends this offer of a refund with the note:

"I cannot refund you, it won't let me. accounts with limited access cannot perform this type of transaction. please open a dispute with paypal for any other monies sent and you will get this refund on the 29th june automatically by paypal. if you escalate the case too you may get it quicker. sorry again

I can't open a dispute with paypal because it links me straight to the resolution centre again, where this open case is (for 39.99 instead of 399.90).

Any ideas on how i can fix this? could i go straight to my bank and ask them to reverse the 399.90? most of it came from my debit card with around 40 from my paypal balance.





o and accounts with restrictions CAN still process a refund

make a claim through paypal, it's separate from ebay
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