eBay help. Yodel claims item delivered, seller expects me to deal with it.

Posted 7th Mar 2018
Hi folks

So I bought an item off eBay a few days ago. received a text message earlier off yodel to say item has been delivered. It hasn't. No card in letterbox to say it's been left with neighbours and no sign of item left in a safe place.
I've contacted the seller and they've asked me to contact Yodel.
Frankly I don't want the cost or hassle of calling their premium rate phone line, nor should I have to submit a claim with yodel imho.
Question is who would eBay or PayPal side with in this matter if I submit a claim with them? Will they accept yodels word for it that it's been delivered?
If I'd have known they were using Yodel I'd have used a different seller.
Over the years I've had numerous problems with them. Never had a problem with Royal mail or other couriers, but of the 6 or 7 items with yodel only 2 have been hassle free.
I paid with a debit card through PayPal...does that make a difference?

Appreciate any advice
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