Ebay: item listed as "for parts" but described as "working perfectly"

Found 8th May
There's a 2nd hand item on item that has caught my attention. The item is listed as "for parts or not working", but the description reads: "Fully tested. OK. Perfectly working".

The seller does not accept returns but I know from experience that Ebay can accept a return if the item is not as described.

So, what happens in this case? If the item arrives not working, would I have any chance of asking for a return?

And what if I message the seller and he says the item is fully working?

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Sometimes things work fine but look damn fugly.
A mobile phone with a cracked screen could come under your description.

I'd message the seller for clarity, saves the hassle of returning if theres a slight chance you wouldn't be 100% happy with it..?
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