Ebay item never arrived after quite a while and I refunded the buyer after being told by the courier it was lost....

Posted 31st May 2015
myHermes confirmed the item was lost and I needed to fill in a claim form.

As soon as they confirmed through live chat it was lost I logged into Ebay and refunded my buyer. Not long after I received an email from my hermes with the claim info and also a note say if the item happened to turn up then I can no longer make a claim, which is understandable.

I put forward the claim and hey ho, guess what, the item shows as delivered 5 days later so I can't claim from myHermes.

My buyer contacted me off their own back telling me the item had arrived and that they wanted to keep it and would pay me for it. I forwarded my PayPal details to them over a week ago and also contacted them again during the week and again this weekend but they are now ignoring me and no payment has been received.

Anyone any idea where I stand here with Ebay and/or PayPal? Considering they opened a claim and I refunded and closed the case I was thinking Ebay may tell me the case has been closed and there is nothing they can do.

Any ideas, it is only for £25 but it is the principle that counts. I never rip people off and don't like people doing it to me.
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Strange that they were honest to begin with when it was delivered and now they are not paying.

I would give eBay a call and explain the situation, explain that you're disappointed as you thought you was protected and you have now lost money - see what they say.

Also do a contact information request to try and get their phone number, then give them a call. That should do the trick as they won't want you to keep phoning them.

Lastly your only other other would be to send them official documents stating that they have 7/14 working days to make the payment or you will proceed with legal action. Even if you don't wish to take them to court, you can suggest that is an option you're considering.

They seem to be all your options. Good luck, eBay can be a pain at times and I feel for you

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Sorry to hear of this, Bad karma to the ebayer, You try and be genuine and get fleeced. I think contacting ebay would be your best move but they may or may not help.

I hope you get your money back.
give them a few more days, perhaps their payday is tomorrow.

weird how they were honest to begin with, would have been better so round if they had denied it.

do feel for you as you have done everything by the book, hope they sorry it out.
In the worst case scenario (they don't pay), you can sue through the small claims track, you have plenty of evidence by the sounds of it,which should make this a slam dunk. If necessary,this can include getting a CCJ and bailiff order to recover.
Did the buyer contact you via eBay? Make a ticket to ebay and give them that information to what happened a d yell them that the buyer has also admitted the item turned up.

If they don't step in.

Send the buyer a hand written letter stating you will seek small claims court orders for the amount that is owed.
Can you not open another dispute with ebay ? You can prove you refunded him and he is unable to prove that he has paid you. Keep all messages in the ebay system so they can check.
if all else fails give the worst possible feedback.

if all else fails give the worst possible feedback.

As a seller you can only give fair or good feedback. As a buyer negative is there, I believe.
Sorry to hear this NEtech, hope you get it sorted out xx

As a seller you can only give fair or good feedback. As a buyer negative … As a seller you can only give fair or good feedback. As a buyer negative is there, I believe.

ok and not a dig at you but in this case that's just not right!
Phoned Ebay and they are going to call me back once they look into it.


ok and not a dig at you but in this case that's just not right!

It's a bad system. I remember having a bit of a upset with a seller and they seemed to just dislike people and was rude with me asking a question about an item and it's post after hitting buy now.

I contacted ebay about how the issue went forward and during my chat with ebay. I enquired if a seller could leave me negative feedback as their attitude was just against me.

They explained only buyers can leave negative feedback while the seller can leave fair or good feedback.

So it's hard to warn other sellers against scam artists out there.
You can report a member and block them from your sale list. But just doesn't feel like it's much.

@op please do let us know how it went. Hope you get your money back.
Don't let this drop, I'm sure you have all of the buyers personal details.

Make it very clear that you will be escalating this further and involving small claims court and actionfraud services so it would be in their best interest to resolve asap.
Never got my money back, called Ebay regarding a few issues and was basically told to do one on every count.

The above issue they said it is nothing to do with Ebay, they can't get involved. I told them I want the black mark for none delivery removing from my account as it is affecting my top rated seller status. Again was told because the item never arrived in the time scale they cannot remove it. (even though I have the courier tracking to prove it was stuck in limbo for over a week).

Also asked for a negative and neutral to be removed because the buyers never contacted me prior to leaving feedback to resolve any issues (as stated in Ebay's terms and conditions). Again told to do one as that was the customers point of view. WTF? Idiots, so I put the phone down and left it at that.

All customers can now wait the full duration of the couriers time scale before any refund or replacement item will be shipped, I really have no other choice. And any customer that leaves negative or neutral feedback (and does not contact me in the correct manner) because of a problem with the item or it never turned up will not get me contacting them for a refund or replacement, if they want this to happen then they can contact me regarding the matter in the correct way, I am no longer going out of my way to help Muppet's who damage my account!

Rant over.

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wonder if you contacted the police would they at least pay them a visit? bit ott but may make them think twice.

or watch their eBay account, if they sell anything, buy it and then claim it never turned up
That's why I use collect plus instead of myHermes, sent over a thousand items never had a problem.
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