Ebay item never arrived after quite a while and I refunded the buyer after being told by the courier it was lost....

Posted 31st May 2015
myHermes confirmed the item was lost and I needed to fill in a claim form.

As soon as they confirmed through live chat it was lost I logged into Ebay and refunded my buyer. Not long after I received an email from my hermes with the claim info and also a note say if the item happened to turn up then I can no longer make a claim, which is understandable.

I put forward the claim and hey ho, guess what, the item shows as delivered 5 days later so I can't claim from myHermes.

My buyer contacted me off their own back telling me the item had arrived and that they wanted to keep it and would pay me for it. I forwarded my PayPal details to them over a week ago and also contacted them again during the week and again this weekend but they are now ignoring me and no payment has been received.

Anyone any idea where I stand here with Ebay and/or PayPal? Considering they opened a claim and I refunded and closed the case I was thinking Ebay may tell me the case has been closed and there is nothing they can do.

Any ideas, it is only for £25 but it is the principle that counts. I never rip people off and don't like people doing it to me.
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