eBay Item Not as Described - What to Do [UPDATE - Post #29] - More advice please.

Posted 24th Mar 2017
I bought a dress on behalf of a family member on eBay listed as "Used" with a further description of "Only worn once. As new condition as you can see in the pictures."

As it was nearly new and a famous brand, almost £50 was spent on the dress. However, no where did the seller mention it has multiple urine stains on the inside back of the dress, which is pretty gross and certainly not "As New Condition" as described in the item description. Further, the dress is out of proportions suggesting it has been put in the washing machine when it says to hand-wash only. The family member whom I bidded on behalf of, does not want the dress in this condition even with a partial refund.

The seller has listed: "No returns accepted."

Paid via PayPal.

Should I contact the seller first? Or raise a claim? Never had this problem on eBay before. Ideally I would like all money spent so far refunded (Item & P+P) as well as return postage covered.

Thanks as always guys.
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