Ebay item sold but "claim the payment"??

    Hi peeps

    Recently sold something on Ebay and buyer has checked out but payment is still being processed through ebay after nearly a week.

    Cant find this anomaly on paypal as it says on ebay "claim your payment" however paypal has no reference to this?

    Any thoughts?


    Have they paid via PayPal e-cheque by any chance? I used to get something similar when an e-cheque had been used and you have to wait upto 10 days to clear it.


    if you hover over the payment, it will tell you how it was paid for, or even click it, maybe they are sending a cheque/postal order

    And check the e-mail address on eBay and PayPal match. I had this recently, and the seller mis-spelt his e-mail address on Paypal.

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    Cheers everybody for advice i will investigate more. rep added
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