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Found 24th Nov 2017
Just sold a boys coat for £9.99 on eBay to a member with username cargo2akl (feedback29801), however received an email with a standard text saying that item has been purchased with the following statement
'We (Shop Airlines) are the allied partner of eBay and our main business is to act as an agent to purchase items for Japanese customers. The parcels will be received at our local warehouse where an inspection takes place.'
Has anyone heard of this company and if so do they buy items and then relist on eBay Japan in the hope of making a profit, or are they just handling a transaction for a genuine Japanese ebayer.
The message then tells me to forward the parcel to their London warehouse and they will handle & pay for the overseas postage.
I'm not saying it's a scam it's just for me unusual practice. (I don't know the ultimate postage destination or buyer)
For extra info Googling Shop Airlines leads me to this website Sekaimon.com
thankyou for any help in advance
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Sell to only UK buyers, why bother going through the extra hassle of shipping it overseas.
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It's most likely a shopping service. I use these types of services all the time to buy from Japan, eBay US & any other country that won't ship to the UK, take a UK credit or debit card or where the seller/business has insane shipping. It's very handy.

I've also personally run a shopping service from the UK to worldwide for goods only available here.

These types of services are pretty common & there are loads for various countries.

Basically how it works is an individual or a company acts as a middleman & they deal with all the logistics of getting the item to the buyer. The seller just ships as usual, most likely direct to the companies in-country location. The company takes care of the rest. Consolidation, additional shipping costs, fees, invoicing, shipping from them to the buyer etc.

If this is what it is then there's not really much to worry about. Just send the item to the registered PayPal address with some form of tracking & that's it for your part.

Also fyi shipping abroad is not exactly difficult. Pretty much works the same as shipping in the UK with a tiny extra added thing of customs form & being aware of what can & can't be shipped outside the UK.
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As long as the address you are posting to is the registered address of the winning bidder and the payment goes through i wouldn't worry about it.
They paid almost immediately via PayPal. The funny thing is, it's an Aston Martin Jacket, which is typically British, just surprised someone from Japan has bought it. At worst I'd lose £9.99. Unless I hear on here otherwise I' ll send it to their fulfilment centre in London as instructed
It looks quite genuine to me and I've always found Japanese buyers trustworthy. You'll never end up in the Paradise Papers if you don't broaden your horizons.
screw that, UK only.

Refund and relist.
I have also sold an item to these on ebay and had no problem at all.
Sounds genuine to me.

I have no idea why people won’t sell abroad on eBay, it massively increases your market and with the GSP it’s no more difficult than sending it to the UK anyway as eBay deal with it after it arrives at their UK centre.
Thanks everyone. Just packaged it to ship out. I've sent stuff to USA before without problem via eBay's shippingwarehouse, just think the message spooked me a little.
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