eBay just sent me an invoice for £3?

    eBay just sent me an invoice for £3... I haven't sold anything on there for months! The invoice is for between Dec 15th and Jan 15th.. All I've done is buy the odd little thing, mainly phone parts that cost a few quid..

    I don't understand why they're charging me £3 when I haven't sold anything?

    What gives!?



    does the invoice not tell you?

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    does the invoice not tell you?



    you have been to account/select invoice on the right hand side? Then selected January's?

    If the invoice doesn't show any details but says you owe £3 then go to live help and ask why

    email ebay?

    my invoice says a credit of 27p and i've sold quite a few bits.

    Are you sure it's genuine and not phishing, you've not clicked any links have you?
    Go to you account open the invoice there, if it exists, details there.

    As mentioned above, it could be phishing.

    close the page you currently have open, DO NOT ENTER any personal details on that page.

    Now log directly into [url][/url] (type it in yourself dont click any links including my one, just so you know you are genuinely logging into eBay) and check your account in "My eBay" it will say what your account currently stands at...if it still says £3 contact eBay and ask for clarification as to what you are paying for.

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    Well.. turns out it's because I had a shop a few months ago, ended that, but I've still been subscribed some some advanced selling stats thing. What a gip...

    I got an invoice too for 1p ..........:roll:

    ebays a joke now,had to pay a bill of about 20% of what 2 things sold for yesterday
    no ''premium'' listing or anything


    the site takes the mick with they're charges!
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