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Found 20th Mar 2011
Just trying to garner some opinions here. Can't be specific on the item as it's still running and I don't want it to be seen as self promotion.

I put a listing on for a non runner people carrier the other day, with a start price of £400.

Got a bid within 20 seconds and since then it has gone up from £400 to £900 with 40 watchers.

The auction still has 4 days to run.

I have been offered £1100 to buy it now (outside ebay).

What would you do???

BTW as a non runner it is really hard for me to figure out what it is actually worth, but based on the bids/watchers, I just wondered what other people would do in this situation.


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Be very careful if an ebay member if offering to buy it without going through the correct process. It could go very wrong.

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Be very careful if an ebay member if offering to buy it without going … Be very careful if an ebay member if offering to buy it without going through the correct process. It could go very wrong.

It would be cash up front and sold as seen before I removed it from ebay.

you should get about 3grand for that

Id leave the auction running, I think you're likely to get more than £1100 for it.
Is the buy it now buyer willing to pay cash? If you decide to sell it to him Id try and stick to a cash sale to be safe.

Edit: Ignore the last bit you've just said it would be cash

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you should get about 3grand for that

When can you collect?


See if any other non runners have sold on ebay and at what price

If it's reached it's reserve, then I'd leave it running

1)It's unfair on the bidders who are playing by the rules
2) you'll regret it when 3 or 4 people e-mail when you pull the auction saying why has the auction ended i really wanted the car. These people would have pushed the bid up.

A friend of mine has just sold a bashed up old people carrier with lots of things wrong with it (and listed as such) via eBay. She just wanted it off her front lawn and thought she would get approx £100 or so.

A dealer quickly offered £200 and then the bidding and watchers got busy. She left it to run and it sold for £500. The fella who bought it was happy enough and she was thrilled.

I would leave it to run to auction end. There is nothing in it for you to end early and sell. The person who asked that has asked because he wants a bargain and doesn't want the bids taking it higher.

Good luck - I hope the end price exceeds your expectations.


Lots to be gained by ending the auction early, More money if no more bids and no fee's, no 0 feedback buyer dropping out
Watchers mean nothing, how many new ones since the price hit £900

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it was 35, then since it hit £900 it has gone up to 39, so 4 new ones. I know what you mean about the fees. It's a difficult one.

The final value fees for a car on auction is a flat rate of £20 i believe, rather than the usual 10%. So not a lot of money to be saved on fees.

It's a gamble, your buyer may well have overestimated the market, and £1100 may be too high an offer, or, on the other hand, he may know/think it'll go for more and getting a back door bid in.


Personally I would let it run, certainly for another couple of days.
If its £900 with 4 days to run I'd be surprised if there wasn't another couple of bids at least, what sort of feedback does the top bidder have?
The fees are only about £20 on motors under £2k aren't they, so thats not really loads to risk.
Just depends if you want to take the gamble really. All I would say is check your bidders out - if they aren't local, maybe email them and try to make sure they will go ahead if they win.

If you were happy with £400 before the auction started, and its now at £900 I would probably let it run, you have already doubled what you wanted anyway

i would respond with
i estimate the value at aound £1500 so if we can come to a compromise i will sell?


Say to the offerer you were expecting it to go for more really and your looking for around £1500
Bit of haggling and you should have an offer of around £1300 from them, Mind you there is a chance they won't respond but no one comes in with their best offer first thing



i would respond withi estimate the value at aound £1500 so if we can come … i would respond withi estimate the value at aound £1500 so if we can come to a compromise i will sell?

beat me to it

Another thing to do is look at the bidders. Are there any that look serious about it i.e., multiple bids in the high end range? Is it just a couple of people battling it out or are there 3 or 4?

Just let it run.

Give me the item number you Dirty Dogs as i can't find it oO

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Didn't know about the FVF being a flat rate. Reckon i'll let it run for the time being.

For the sake of £200 let it run, chances are it will be bid over £1100, go through the correct process with ebay and there is more chance of smooth transaction, especially if this person has 0 feedback.

you need to be careful RE: ebay messaging.

They can read and view everything you type to another member.

Thus for example if you say "i'll take £800 cash, can you collect today", then they say "I'll come at 5ish to collect".

Ebay CAN authorise to charge you fees.

Whether its for a car, or even for example garden table and chairs.

Let it run its only £300 difference an still has 4 days left



you should get about 3grand for that

^^^^^^ more foolish nonsense as per usual

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Yep, been here over 5 years and hardly posted a deal. Plus he still hasn't told me when he's going to pick the car up!!!!

BTW, got 45 watchers now!
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Got offered £1200 for it, but the buyer (who will not give me any contact details) can't pick it up until after the auction closes!...not gonna risk that!

Got 59 watchers now and the price hasn't gone up anymore. Still nearly 2 days left!

Bit concerned about the highest bidder. I have requested contact details (2 days ago), but have had no response...
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73 watchers now - that's a record for me!

OP have you been absolutely crystal clear in your listing that the car is a non-runner? The reason you could be getting high bids is because most eBay buyers are idiots and don’t read past the title; is it mentioned in the title? They could be thinking you are selling a working vehicle and that they are getting a bargain, hence the high bids.

Also beware of overseas scammers who will big ridiculously high amounts just to win and then pull the old Western Union scam or bank transfer overpayment and then you pay them the balance scam in the hopes you are not clued up about this. Did you make sure your listing had the ‘no international buyers’ button ticked?

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Just checked, and yes, no international buyers and I have typed non runner on the description twice, one in bold and underlined!

I am actually expecting the buyer to pull out or try to haggle when they turn up!

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It went for £1130! Well pleased with that! The buyer hasn't responded to any emails yet though, but I only emailed them a few hours ago.
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