Ebay live chat usefull?

Has anybody actually found this to be usefull?
I have used it a few times and the only answer I get from them is please email the trust and safety department (or watever its called) it just frustraiting. If thats the only point of this 'help' why bother. It take ebay and paypal usually at least a week to answer an email and its always with an automated one.


its poo just like any ( and i use the term loosley) " help " they offer

waste of time

the person then went on to ask me if I had any other questions (after they had basically said they couldnt answer my first one and I'd have to email....)

Within a fraction of a second I had sent 'yes' and begun writing my next question - by the time I'd written it they had already f****d off! Grr:x

Response from the email wasnt much better

Someone better come up with a good alternative quickly before I go crazy:w00t:

Its crap!

The live help for hijacked accounts is spot on.
I've never used the 'normal' live help.
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